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Replacement Molding Kits For Grillz

Replacement Molding Kits For Grillz

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Replacement molding for the Grillz.

Sometimes it takes more then one try!

Here Krystall Poppin Can show you a little how she get it’s on the first try!

  • We highly recommend that you get your impressions done by a dentist or licensed professional.

    Mix FAST one blue putty and one white putty together until it’s one solid color (mix for about 10seconds).

    Put the finished putty in the tray Rolled into a tube

    Lift up your lip and put the tray in your mouth and bite down towards the CENTER

    Make sure the putty covers all of the teeth and goes over your gums for the teeth that you plan to mold.

    Wait for 6-7 minutes before taking it out of your mouth.

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